St. Kieran's Festival

St. Kieran's Festival - Family Fun Day - Kieran's Festival - Kieran's Well

About Kieran's Well

Holy wells provide an important link to Ireland’s Pagan and Christian pasts and act as sites of physical, mental and spiritual healing. As a therapeutic setting it has a curative link to place.

At St. Kieran's well our eyes are drawn to the attractive setting.  There is a large stone Oratory on top of the hill, erected in 1913, the river with its two bridges, the rocks the trees and on closer

inspection other features, such as red ribbons, rags, notes requesting help or offerings, rosary beads, a large metal spoon and 5 Crosses. 

Sir William Wilde described St. Kieran's Well “ As perhaps the most beautiful holy well in Ireland ”.

St. Kieran's Well like many other sacred wells is celebrated for its sacred trout of peculiar form and colour. People look upon the fish with great veneration. 

Through history there have been many stories of sightings of the trout in the well making the sign of the cross on the eve of Kieran ushering in the first Sunday in August,  remaining there for a few minutes and are not seen at any other time of the year. The last recorded sighting was in 2006.

The waters at St. Kieran's Well carry special healing powers, the water in one of the pools is said to have the cure of headaches, toothaches and sore throat. Bathing feet in the tiny stream that flows from the well is said to preserve them from soreness during the coming year and healing of warts are also attributed to this same  tiny stream as it flows through the rocks. There is a rock

near the well that is like a chair and is said to have the impression of the saint’s back, it is believed to have the cure of back aliments.

Sacred wells such as St. Kieran's have always belonged to the people and it could not have survived so long unless it satisfied some deep need in our consciousness. - Kieran's Festival

Saturday Evening

Vigil Walk and Rosary at the Well (12 midnight)

Since early Christial times, Pilgrims have made the journey by candlelight to the sacred well, arriving before midnight.

Legend has it that the sacred trout will appear after midnight on the eve of Kieran Sunday, make the sign of the cross and disappear again till the following year. - Kieran's Festival


Family Fun Day in Carnaross and at Kieran's Well.  Details to follow.

For more information contact Larry Farnan on 046 924 5057.

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